Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice for Cooling & Compression


  • use to relief strains and pains
  • helps to reduce swelling
  • reduces inflammation (carpal tunnel)


Liquid Ice

When to use:


Sprains and strains, burns (up to 2nd degree), broken bones, epicondolitis, bee stings, growing pains, tennis arm and many more.

Easy to use on hard to reach areas like shoulder and back.
Liquid Ice is no medication, therefore it does not interfere with your medication.


How to use:

Cut bandage to length, dip into Liquid Ice fluid and wring out excess fluid, wrap moist bandage tightly around injured or hurt area.
Cooling starts by itself within the first couple of minutes, lowers the skin temprerature 5-6° celsius and keeps this temperature for at least two hours.

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