Ice Mask
refreshingly unique sheet mask with amazing anti-aging effect!


The wonderfully different facial treatment refreshes and rejuvenates.
Ice Mask provides a natural blush and helps to reduce wrinkles by tightening the collagen.
Vitamin C protects against free radicals and Aloe Vera helps regenerate the skin.
The highly moisturizing mask will leave you with a smooth skin and a deeply relaxed yet refreshed feeling!

Even works over make-up!

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Try the intnsive Swiss anti-aging formula or the amazing freshness of Face Wow!

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Best Advice? Liquid Ice!


Where cooling helps, Liquid Ice works better.

If you are thinking "ice" for pain relief (with sprains and strains, bee stings, inflammation and many more) -
Liquid Ice works so much better.

It cools for 2 hours or more, at a steady, healthy level,
  while keeping full mobility.
(see Ice Wrap Professional)


The Liquid Ice Pump Spray is used to lower body temperature for more power,
during sports, or any activity in hot weather.
It also works extremely well for cooling hard to reach areas like shoulder or back.
(see Liquid Ice Pump Spray)

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