Ice Mask Face Wow!

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Ice Mask Face Wow!
5-10 Minute Mask Caffeine & Zinc

Look fresher right now.

Extra refreshing and revitalizing!
Ice Mask™ Face Wow! reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
Deep cleans the pores to help prevent pimples. Smooths the skin for better make-up application.


5 Benefits of  Ice Mask, in only 10 Minutes:

  • Gentle Cooling
    stimulates the capilaries and blood circulation 

  • Deep cooling effect
    strengthens the skin's collagen and provides a tightening effect 

  • Caffeine
    stimulates blood flow and helps with dark circls and puffiness
  • Zinc
    helps with oily skin and has anit inflammatory effects

  • Moisturizing
    increases elasticity of the skin and provides a smooth, subtle skin

How to do an Ice Mask:

  • press the center of the capsule all the way down
  • wait for about 8 seconds and watch how the mask absorbs the liquid
  • unfold the mask and pad onto face
  • after 5-10 minutes simply remove and discard

When pressing down the center of the capsule, you open the chamber with the liquids, to be absorbed by the compressed mask.
The mask will be quite moist but not dripping wet. Therefore it can be used over make-up, still works effectively but won't remove it.
No mess, no fuss, no clean up!

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