Haku Mana Hand Sanizizer (Set of 3)

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Haku Mana Hand Sanitzer

Protecting, effective, comfortably.

  • Stylish,
  • Smells excellent
  • Protects safely

The Haku Mana Corona Killer fluid protects safely with 72 % Ethanol against the Corona virus and most other viruses or bacteria. The Aloe Vera and Manuka Oil ensures, that your skin is moisturized and nourished at the same time. No more cracking of the skin with frequent usage! The refreshing "Liquid Ice" cooling is another bonus.

Set of 3 bottles, with 50 ml each, bottles made from recycled plastic.

Use on bottle for the purse or pocket, one for the car and leve one in your home. Due to the stylish design, you can leave it in plein sight, even in the most beautiful interior designs, for more convenience.


Spread the Good Not the Evil ... use Haku Mana and share it with a friend.


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