Liquid Ice Pump Spray

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Liquid Ice Pump Spray is a genius way to enhance your sports performance naturally.

How?   With effective yet gentle cooling, caused by evaporation. (about 5°C)
Sweat less - lose less electrolytes. So far it's clear. But studies show also, that cooling your body with Liquid Ice lowers the heart rate and increases therefore your endurance.

Of course: should you get hurt in any way (sprains and strains) cooling is also the best treatment.

Note: Liquid Ice only works on tight fitting clothing or Liquid Ice performance bands (sold separately)

NEW: black label, matching the bands


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Performance Band, medium Performance Band, medium
for use with Liquid Ice
5.00 € *
Performance Band, large Performance Band, large
for use with Liquid Ice (min. quantity 2 pcs)
5.00 € *
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