Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice



Best advice: Liquid Ice !

Where cooling helps, Liquid Ice helps better


It is common knowledge, that cooling helps with

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Reduction of inflammation


Liquid Ice cools in a completely different way

What have you used for cooling so far?
Ice cubes, cold packs, frozen peas?


Here are the strong advantages of Liquid Ice:

  • cools by itself, no need to refrigerate
    Therfore it is ALWAYS ready to use

  • lowers temperature gently by 5-6 °C
    never too cold! (like ice, which you can't use longer than 20 min.)

  • Extremely comfortable to wear
    The bandage weighs close to nothing and has no sharp edges

  • You keep full mobility
    The bandage stays on like a piece of clothing

  • Cooling at a steady level for at least 2 hours!
    Ice cubes & Co. are melting with time. Liquid Ice cools through evaporation and keeps on cooling until dry

  • Clean application
    Because nothing melts, nothing will drip.

  • Reusable
    Once the bandage is dry, simply roll it up and store for next use or dip and use again. The healty cooling of Liquid Ice has no time limit for usage.


The bandage can be wrapped tightly and offers compression SIMULTANIOUSLY with the cooling.
On acute sprains and strains there is nothing better than Liquid Ice



Liquid Ice should be in every sports bag.



When to use:

Sprains and strains
Burns (up to 2nd degree)
Closed fractures (to reduce swelling before surgery)
Bee stings
Growing pains
Tennis arm

and many more.



Easy to use on hard to reach areas like shoulder and back.




How to use:

  • Cut bandage to length
  • Dip into Liquid Ice fluid and wring out excess fluid
  • Wrap moist bandage tightly around injured or hurt area

Cooling starts by itself within the first couple of minutes,
lowers the skin temprerature 5-6° celsius and
keeps this temperature for at least two hours.




When it comes to sprains and strains, doctor's advice is usually R.I.C.E. (Rest - Ice - Compress - Elevate)

Liquid Ice is no medication, therefore it does not interfere with your medication.

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Liquid Ice, Ice Wrap Professional

Ice Wrap Professional

Cooling and compression to reduce aches and pains
(sprains, arthritis, epicondolitis. etc)

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Liquid Ice Pump Spray

Liquid Ice Pump Spray

the natural way to enhance Sports Performance and to recover

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Performance Band, medium

Liquid Ice Performance Band M

for use with Liquid Ice Pump Spray

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Performance Band, large

Liquid Ice Performance Band L

for use with Liquid Ice Pump Spray

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